April 18, 2015

So I've been doing some sewing...

Hey everyone. ^_^
First of all I want to apologize for not posting on Friday. I was just really busy and I just caught up in the day so sorry about that. But at least I'm posting today! :)
So I've been doing some sewing this past week and today I would like to show you all what I have sewed so far for my dolls! 
If you want tutorials on this pattern I'd be happy to do one! 
I decided that I wanted to try the halter top pattern for American Girl dolls from Pixie Faire. 
Pixie Faire in my opinion, is the best place to get patterns for doll clothes. I love their site because they give great tutorials. And I have never had a problem while sewing a pattern not understanding what they were trying to say for me to do.
 So yeah, I definitely recommend their site. They also have a "Freebie Friday", where every Friday, they put out some type of pattern for free only for that day. They don't always do American Girl patterns, they have all types of patterns for other kinds of dolls. 
Anyway, you get the point. It's just a really great site. Make sure to check it out if you love to sew! You can go to it here.

Now finally on to the pictures. :)

 This is the first halter top that I made. And it was the first one that I have ever made. I think it turned out pretty good! There were a few little bumps in the hemming but I learned how to fix it. I made it out of a knit. I think knits are best for this pattern. The fabric has to be flexible so it can gather and lay out nicely.

 This is the second one that I made. This one is definitely my favorite out of the two! 
 I love the colors so much!  

Really for this pattern, the hardest part about it was the hemming at the bottom of the shirt. Even then it's not very hard. You just have to make sure that the fold is even all around the shirt. I would think that this pattern would be great for beginner sewers.

Thanks for reading! 
If you liked this post and want me to do more of these make sure to comment down below! 
Also comment which halter top was your favorite!
See you all next week!


  1. You did a really good job sewing these halter tops! I love Freebie Friday, the majority of my patterns are ones that have been featured. Did you get the Peplum Top yesterday (random question, I know xD)?


    1. Thanks. :) Same! Most of my patterns are from Freebie Friday! XD And yes I did get the Peplum top. I can't wait to try the pattern! XD

  2. So summery! I like the white one best. :)

    - Ellie

  3. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU KEEP CAROLINE'S CURLS SO PERFECT?!!!??? I have her and I REALLY want to fix her curls. (they are frizz bombs;)) Please do a tutorial on how to fix curls!!!!!! Beautiful shirts btw. I'm going to try out some of those patterns. It'll be fun to have some new clothes! Thanks for the pictures!!!
    ~A AG Fan

  4. Adorable! :)

    Allie D.

  5. Those are so pretty and perfect for summer!


  6. I love the second one, they are both very adorable! Great job :)

  7. Those halter tops are so cute! They look great on your dolls!:)

  8. So pretty! I like the white one better, but both are really pretty. I'd love it if you could do a tutorial! By the way, was this pattern free?

    1. I got it free from a Freebie Friday. But it isn't available for free anymore. Sorry!

  9. Yes, please do a tutorial, I love this outfit!


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