April 15, 2015

Grace's new outfit (Spoiler alert)

Sorry for all of this AG news all at once. There's just a ton of stuff going around! I've got you inform you all about it. ;)
So you all know how American Girl usually releases another outfit for the GOTY's around the end of the year right? 
Well, we already know what Grace's next outfit will be!
(Spoiler alert!!!

If  you don't want to know what it looks like, don't read on. :)

And I guess you all have no choice but to see the outfit because it sorta appears on your dashboards...
Yeeeeeaaaaah... Sorry about that. XD

Whelp. That should have given you enough time to click off of this post. Okay then. Looks like you want to know. XD

Here is Grace's new outfit:

Images from Ebay user huaclub_1984
Photos are not mine.

It's super cute right? I think it's adorable.
It may look familiar if you have seen a picture of Grace's new book that is also coming out later on in this year.
 I like it how American Girl made the outfits for Grace a lot more mature than other ones in the past. I also really like it how this outfit has a lot of mix and match potential! I really don't know which piece is my favorite! They are so adorable together, as well as apart.
We haven't seen what the shoes look like yet, but I'm sure they will make this outfit even cuter!
I am hoping that this outfit comes with a hair accessory. Also that it won't be too expensive. Maybe $30 at the most. Even with those prices I don't like buying the outfits.

This is her new book  that is also coming out later on this year. It may even come out at the same time as the outfit! The books is called "Grace makes it great".
And as you can see Grace is wearing the same outfit as in the book! 
I was hoping that American Girl would make this outfit that was on the front cover of this book for dolls! And they did!
 I was so happy to find this information!
I haven't bought anything from Grace's collection yet, but when I do, I am hoping that I can get this.


Are you excited for this outfit to come out? Will you buy it?
Thank you all so much for reading! Y'all are awesome. :)
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  1. Do you realize that since the outfit is the first picture in the post, it's what we see on our dashboards? Resistance is futile! You shall all see the new outfit anyway! Hahaha. : )

    I love this outfit! It's NOT PINK!
    I bet the shoes will be sandals of some sort.
    I'll probably get it. Especially if the shoes are cool.


    1. Whoops! Didn't realize that! Thanks for telling me! XD

  2. *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* IT'S SO CUUUTE!!!! *dies*

  3. Where on earth do you find all of this out?!?!? I feel kind-of left out. :/ I always am late to hear about all this stuff! :(

    1. Well that's why I like to inform you all about things like this on my blog! I always try to keep up with the latest AG news.
      I'm sorry you feel that way. :(

  4. Cute! Thank you so much for sharing.


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