April 22, 2015

Possible new meet outfit for MAG's

Hi everyone! 
Yup. We may know the new MAG meet outfit that should be coming out while Truly Me. :)
There are also rumors that Truly Me will be released May 21, 2015. But we aren't sure if that is true yet.

Anyway! Now onto the outfit! 

Don't mind my random signature here. It's so if you don't want to see the new MAG outfit yet it won't appear on your dashboards. XD Made that mistake with Grace's new outfit coming out later this year. Oops! XD

Okay so here's the outfit that we think will be the new meet outfit for the MAG's.

*Awkward silence* 

Um... This is uh, yeah...

First of all, American Girl could have done way better! (No offense to those who like the outfit)
This is just really kiddish. It looks like something a four year old would wear. This is kind of disappointing.
If this is the new outfit, I really don't know what I'm going to do. I mean everyone was starting to complain about the "True spirit outfit" because of how it looked and yes, AG did need a new fresh one, but in my opinion, I like the one we have now so much more than this one! I would totally pick it over this one any day. But I am curious on how how this one feels and it's quality. 
This outfit also doesn't have much mix and match potential. It has weird shades of colors and it's just a dress. Not even a skirt and top. I'm waiting to see a close up of the shoes. It looks like there are either gems on the top of them, or little light pink/purple polka dots.
I really don't know what American Girl was thinking...
But there was also a point brought up by someone else that AG may be doing this on purpose so they get people to see how useless this outfit is when they buy the doll and it makes them buy more outfits for their new doll from them that will work. (If that makes any sense.)
I don't know how I feel about this... 

In the photo above you may have noticed that the doll didn't have hair and the reason why is because it didn't. When we first sighted this outfit it was modeled by a hairless doll that AG offers. 
 So American Girl actually had this image on their site for some reason. Maybe AG put it up there on their site by accident because just the other day it had this image. Then I checked it again and it had a doll in the normal meet outfit that we have now just like in the photo below.
This is what I saw when I checked again. For a little while the AG site was down because of updates. I'm not really sure what they were doing. Maybe they were testing the HTML for the new items before the big release. Not really sure. 

So, this may be the new meet outfit. We just aren't sure yet. But it does make sense because the "Dolls without hair" in the last picture are featured in the MAG meet outfits that we have now.
So I think it most likely is the new outfit. But I'm also hoping that it's just a outfit that they will be releasing. But I really doubt it. 

Thanks for reading! 
What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you like the new meet outfit?
Also, I didn't mean to offend anyone who likes this outfit. I'm just stating my opinion.
And by the way, I won't be able to post on Friday. I'm going to be out of town. Sorry! 
But I'll post on Monday. Until then! 


  1. I really can't imagine if this flatters any doll, I'm planning on getting a #61 and customizing it and this will definitely be taken off as soon as I get the doll ;)

    Seriously. Someone let a unicorn with the stomach flu into the factory.*
    The whole reason why I was waiting to buy 58 was the meet outfit change (I do NOT need three) And when I saw this new one on Lissie and Lilly a week or so ago I decided I better go ahead and get her so I won't be cursed with Sparkle Barf.
    (And I couldn't find any place else that says she is getting retired so I'm all some being worried about that.; ))
    So she should be here around Friday!
    Any name suggestions? I've been thinking Parker the whole time but now I'm not totally sure.

    *probably the same unicorn that made a mess of izzy's collection. Poor thing should see a vet. (Are there veterinarians for mythical creatures?)
    Either that or it's in league with the Wiked Bow Fairy, who unleashed her powers on Grace's collection. (Actually I might like the bows, so we'll call her the Neutral Bow Fairy)


  3. Ugh tbh I hate it. :( Sorry to anyone who likes it! I like that it's a dress, as they haven't had one in who knows how long, if ever, but really it looks like a Bitty Baby Outfit, with the colors (soft + drab) and fabrics chosen. I MUCH prefer the current one.
    I do like those blue shoes, though. They look like they could be somewhat mature, and the color I just <3. But, since the dress is the main and obvious component of the outfit and the shoes barely on the edge of vision, I still really hate the outfit. :P
    The theory about trying to make people buy more clothes does make really good sense.

    - Ellie

  4. I don't like the outfit either. The sleaves are at a really akward length, and the color sceme is odd.

  5. I agree with you about what you said. It looks too blah, and has no mix-and-match value! I like the color, and the belt is okay, but as a whole, it's awful. I can't say if I like it more or less then the one right now, because I really, really dislike that one. But if you think about it, why does AG care so much about a meet outfit? Because if people like the dolls, then they're generally going to buy them no matter what the meet outfit. Although, another way to look at it is that if you buy a doll with that meet outfit, then you might think that all AG clothes are that bad and not buy any more......
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  6. *distant sobbing from Olivia's room*

  7. The outfit seems a little bit odd but I think they might be gearing the outfits more toward 4 year old children. I'm not sure though. I know plenty of little girls that have dolls and are under the age of 8...depending on how responsible, etc. the age can be differed. :)

    Allie D.

  8. Weird outfit... very weird. It doesn't look well made or stylish. I hope they don't do this outfit for the new MAGs. If so, I will not want to get one because of the outfit.


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