April 13, 2015

American Girl retiring 3 MAG's?

Hello everyone! 
So there has been a rumor going around that American Girl is retiring 3 of the My American Girl dolls while they release "Truly Me". We aren't sure if this is true or not. But I think it is about time that American Girl retires a few MAG's. 

They are apparently retiring these dolls.




I am really sad that they may be retiring these dolls! In my opinion, they are adorable.
I think they are really cute. Though I wouldn't be too bummed if they do retire them because they weren't ever on my "wish list". 
I'm actually really not surprised that American Girl is doing this. 
I think it's about time that they do.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Any of these dolls on your wishlist?
Do you think AG is going to retire these dolls? 
Thanks for reading!

P.s. Here's a better picture of the Truly Me logo:

Ah... Much better than the other one. XD

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  1. Awww! I have been wanting #58. I guess AG was going to do something like this but my #25 isn't going to appreciate this...

    1. Well that stinks... But it is rumored that they will do this in May this year, so you have a little bit of time to get her if you want. :/

  2. Usually I don't care too much about MyAGs coming about going, but I really like this lot. 58 is super unique and adds some much-needed diversity, 53 is nice because of her short hair, which I think makes her a really suitable choice for young girls getting their first doll, and 25 has brown hair, brown eyes, a nice, sweet combo AG seems to be losing lately. But of all of them I like 58 the best.....ugh. This 'tis awful.

    - Ellie

    1. Also, I nominated you for the Summer Bucket List Tag! :)

      - Ellie

  3. WHAT?! WHAERE DID THIS INFORMATION COME FROM?? I have been wanting #58 for MONTHS and intentionally waiting for truly me to come so I don't have 3 of the same meet outfit.
    It's frantic research time.

    Thank you for alerting us of this.

  4. #58 is still out! I found it out on Oh My Dollies!

    1. I know! I'm so glad that she's still there! But I think they ended up retiring another MAG doll. They ended up retiring #38. Possibly another doll as well.


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