April 27, 2015

The new blogger award

Hey everyone! ^_^ So I  was nominated for the the "New blogger award" I'm technically not a new blogger but I'm still happy to do this award. :) So thank you Ginny and June!

Here are the questions:

1. What is your favorite book?

A. Does a series count? I really like Percy Jackson... But my favorite book from that series is probably "The last Olympian". 

2. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

A. Pistachio Almond.

3. What profession would you like to pursue when you are older?

A. I've actually been thinking about this question and I think that I would be pretty good as a interior decorator. I really enjoy decorating my house. It's so funny because my Mom always asks me if something would look good in a certain room. She doesn't trust her own judgment. XD
But aside from that I would love to be a stay at home Mom.

4. Does your handwriting look better in marker, or pencil?

A. Pencil. But I don't really like using them.

5. What does the fox say?

Oh gosh... xD
I'm not even going to answer this...

5. Swimming, or sledding?

This one is really easy for me actually. We don't get snow where I live, so definitely swimming!

7. If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

Yup... xD

8. Why did you start your blog?
To be honest, I think that I wanted to challenge myself to do something that I haven't done before. 
My best friend actually had a blog but it wasn't about AG dolls. It was about crafting and DIY's.
I kind of got inspiration from that. So I decided to ask my Mom if I could and she said yes! So I did. 
I'm just really glad that I did do what I did. If I hadn't have,  I wouldn't have developed this hobby. 

Those are all of the questions. :3

I'm just too lazy to nominate people for this award so just consider yourself nominated if you have been blogging for under a year and you have less than 100 posts. 

Your questions are:

Why did you start your blog?
When did you start your blog?
What is your favorite thing about the blogging?
Who is your favorite blogger?

By the way, I'm not really sure of the rules for this award. Just make sure that you tell your readers who nominated you for this award (Me) and to put the image (above) somewhere on your blog. Either on your sidebar or on a "Awards" page like I have. If you do do this award make sure to let me know so I can see your answers. ^_^

That is all.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I think you would be a good interior decirator also. : ) Having a blog is just like a house- there are all these empty rooms that you have to furnish and decorate. I like the way you've done yours- it's very simple and calm.

    The "tree falls in the forest" question really goes: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it- does it make a sound?
    It's traditionally a philosophical question and isn't very philosophical when they leave out the "no one is around to hear it" bit.
    A sound is made when air partilcles bump into each other and vibrate your eardrum (at least that's what I remember from 3rd grade) so there's plenty of partilcles crashing around, but no eardrums vibrating. This is where the question falls apart. There is no way you are going to get every creature who can hear out of earshot of that tree. A squirrell will probably hear it.
    I'm not sure why I felt the need to point that out- especially when you didn't do anything.
    *scratches head confusedly*

    Congratulations. ; )

  2. Interior decorating can be fun :) I loved reading your answers!

    - Ellie

  3. Pistachio Almond Ice Cream is the best! Great answers :)


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