August 24, 2015

The Sleepover (Part 2) ~ A photo story

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(Amelia's perspective:)

Mae: "Okay guys, so what should we do?"

*Awkward silence*

Amelia: "Hey! I know what we can do!

Saige: "And what's that Amelia?"

Delilah and Claire: "Yeah! What is it?"

I started feeling a little uncomfortable with the fact that everyone was staring at me.
But I proceeded:
"Well, I was thinking that we could... HAVE A PILLOW FIGHT!"

I stood up, picked up a pillow then spiraled it towards Mae's face.


My pillow hit Mae right in the face.
It was hilarious seeing her reaction.

Mae: "Hey! What was that for!? It is SO ON"

Claire then yelled at the top of her lungs: "PILLOW FIGHT!"

It had begun.

We all took sides with pillows in our hands ready to charge.
We weren't exactly sure what to do next.
Then out of nowhere a pillow hit Saige.
You could tell that she wasn't happy about it. 

We then somehow all yelled in unison: "ATTACK!"

Pillows went flying everywhere. The girls were grabbing pillows, blankets, and really anything that could be thrown to use as ammo.

It was a blast! Each of us loved every single bit of it.
This probably went on for about 10 more minuets then
towards the end we were all tired.
We decided that Saige's team had won even though we didn't know why or how you would even win a pillow fight, but we didn't argue. 

Sarah: "Man, you guys are intense when in a pillow fight! Someone got multiple head shots on me!"
She exclaimed while brushing the many knots out of her blonde hair caused by all the pillows that were thrown at her.

Delilah: "Yeah... That was probably me..."

Saige: "I got you Mae in the face sooo many times! It was hilarious."

Mae: "Yeah, but I let you!"

Saige muttered "Whatever..." 
While giving her a playful nudge.


Thanks for reading! 
I hope you enjoyed this story. ^_^ Part 3 will be up shortly. 

Btw my camera stopped working for some reason and it's not auto focusing. Any suggestions?
I think I may have to send it in to see whats up with it. I can't seem to take pictures because it won't focus. So I won't have many posts up this next week that involve pictures that I took. At least recently took.


  1. Hmm....I don't know what would be going wrong with your camera. But awesome photostory! :)

    Allie D.

    1. I also just want to mention my September Photo Contest, which will start on September first. It would be awesome if you could enter!

      Allie D.


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