August 3, 2015

Winners of the 50 follower photo contest!

Ya'll probably want the results already.
Yup. I know you do.

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this contest!
I hope it was fun participating in, and I hope to do another one in the near future!
So without further ado,
the winners of the contest are...

Haha never mind I'm just going to make you sit through my updates/ramblings. 
(Yes I am that evil.)

I haven't done a update in a while. No time is better then the present am I right?
Here's something really cool I think:
I actually mailed Alexis (AGSmiless) a package just about a week ago! 
I'm really excited to see her open it!
I sent her a couple shirts for the guys in the house. I didn't sew them though... The were just some shirts that I never really used for the dolls... 
I can't wait to see her open them! Hopefully she will on a video.
Fun fact: This is not my first time sending fan mail to a AGTuber. I have also sent agoverseasfan a fan letter! 
And she actually opened it in one of her videos! But sadly I can't really share which video and all that information because the letter has my age on it and really wasn't supposed to do that...
But I kind of forgot and got carried away while writing. And I really didn't think that ya'll would see the video and recognize my name in it but lo and behold one of ya'll did!
Which is totally fine. ^_^
I still think it's hilarious that one of ya'll know my age...
You know who you are.

Also! I am going to be out of town all of next week! 
I'm going to Idaho to visit my bestie... ^_^
I've mentioned her a ton in posts but her name is Haylie. She runs a blog called 
We haven't seen each other in about 2 years. We've been best friend for like 5 years or so...
So yeah, I'm actually leaving the 8th of August and coming back the 20th.
 I've never been to Idaho so I'm excited to see what that's like. The state of potatoes. Sounds like my kind of place! I've been to Utah before but not Idaho. Can't wait!

Well I think that's it for the rant.
Let's actually get on with the results shall we?

3rd place goes to...


Congratulations Emma!
I love how creative you got with your photo! I would have never thought of my dolls riding horses for a summer activity! I really liked that!
You win a halter top for your doll as well as a doll sized poster signed by me!

2nd place goes to...

I loved your photography in this one. I also love the pop of colors!
You win a halter top for your doll as well as a doll sized poster signed by me!
Congratulations Allie! 

And here's what everyone is waiting for!
Last but not least, 1st place goes to...

Congrats Kaitlyn! 
I love how creative you got with your photo as well! Your little campfire, the logs that your dolls are sitting on, I loved it.

You win a doll sized laptop, a halter top sewn by me, and a doll sized poster signed by me.

I will be E-mailing ya'll by tomorrow.

Also, awesome news!
The laptop came unexpectedly in the mail just the other day! Which is great. Now you can see what it looks like!

It is super cute! I absolutely love it. 
I hate myself for not ordering one for myself... xD

now for the honorable mentions!
(Not in any order)





Thanks for reading!
Again, I wanted to thank everyone who participated, it was super fun hosting this!
Also, what do ya'll think of me doing more mini giveaways more often? Not full fledged contests but just random giveaways?
Comment if you want me to!



  1. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I won first place! I was just hoping for third! You have no idea how happy I am right now! Thank you soooo much Leah!!! I can't wait for your email! :D
    Congrats to everybody else!

  2. Aww I love all of the entries! Have fun in Idaho, I know how exciting it can be to visit a friend! Congratulations 1st 2nd and 3rd winners!

  3. Thanks Leah! I love your blog! I would love some mini giveaways.

    Allie D.

  4. Congratulations to you all! :)
    Oh my gosh, where did you buy that laptop?? I think I need to buy one... ;D

  5. This was a cute contest Leah! :) Congratulations to all who won. ;) Have a ton of fun in Idaho! :)

  6. Hey Leah, i was wondering if i could see the rest of the entering since i couldn't see my own. i would like to see which one you put on.


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