August 6, 2015

AG sales/AG news ~ Summer 2015

Hello everyone! 
I'm posting today because I didn't post yesterday...
Sorry about that.

So, first off Innerstar U is officially shutting down!

American Girl announced it just yesterday that the game will be shutting down November 6 2015.
We already knew that this was coming ever since Truly Me came out, but
I find this kind of disappointing tbh. I never played it a ton, but when I did it was of fun! 
Especially when I was younger.
I wonder why they are shutting it down...
Any thoughts?
So yeah, play it while you can!

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Also, there are a couple sales going on on the AG site.
There's 20% off select items through August 17 2015. Most of the items are school inspired items such as the school locker, school lunch set, school desk, and some outfits and other accessories.
They have some reasonable prices! So make sure to go check that out. Link will be on the picture so just click the picture to go to the AG site.

There's also 50% off select items while supplies last. As in clearance. There's a lot of newer items that are on sale! Like the Flamingo beach dress for dolls. Historical classic meet outfits such as Julie's, and Rebecca's. A lot of Caroline's items are on sale like her bed, her skiff, and some outfits and accessories. 
Some of Isabelle's items are back even! Her legwarmers set, and her funky leggings for dolls are on sale. There's a ton of stuff, 
so go check that out here!
Have fun shopping!


So I think that's all I have for you! Make sure to vote on the poll! 
It's whether I should do mini giveaways frequently.
I would most likely every time AG has a sale buy a little accessory or outfit and give it away!
    Idk. I think it would be fun. ^_^
Let me know what you think!


  1. No Innerstar U? I saw that coming...Ooh I'll have to check out those sales! I think the mini giveaway thing would be fun once in a while (maybe every other month or something?). It's alright that you couldn't post yesterday. :)

    Allie D.

  2. You could do mini giveaways like every other month or something. Like a pattern.


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