June 24, 2015

The Sleepover (Part 1) ~ A photo story

I hope you all enjoy this! I haven't done a photo story in a long time!
I am just so lazy... xD
And by the way, this photo story is in the perspective of Amelia. ^_^

It was a great sunny afternoon when Saige announced her surprise to us girls.
 "Hey girls." Saige exclaimed. "I have a surprise for you all!" The other girls immediately started guessing what the surprise was. 
Mae: "Are we getting a new puppy?"
Claire: "Are we getting a new sister?"
Mae: "A new sister already?"
Saige: "No. None of those."
Both of them: "Aw..."
Saige finally told them: "We are having a sleep over with Sarah and Delilah tonight!"

Mae: (Gasp) "REALLY? We are going to have SO much fun! EEH!
Claire: "Sounds super fun! But not as fun as getting a new sister..." 

I had just realized that I was just standing there and hadn't said anything yet and that the girls were looking at me.
Saige: "Amelia, you haven't said anything. You okay?"
"Er, uh, yeah! I'm totally fine, I just don't really know who those people are..."
Claire: "Don't worry about a thing! Delilah and Sarah are super nice. You'll have a great time."
They then all smiled at me.
I felt a little bit better.

Since guests were coming we had to straighten up the apartment.
I really wish that Saige had told us about them coming over a day before so we wouldn't have to be in such a rush.
It's a good thing that the apartment isn't super big because otherwise we would be in big trouble.
Living with 3 other girls in the house is not the ideal setting for a tidy house.

Saige started directing us to do things.
"Claire, you take care of pepper."

Claire: "On it!" She then started coaxing him towards a place that wasn't being cleaned. "Here Pepper, come here boy."

Saige: "Mae, you start making the beds and cleaning up around there."
Mae: "Okay!"

Everyone started working.

There surprisingly wasn't that much to clean up at all. 

Amelia: "What do you want me to do Saige?"
Saige : "Um... Oh! Yeah, you can go get extra bedding for the sleep over. We're gonna need it."

Amelia: "Okay!"

I was just glad to get up and finally do something.

Mae: "I'm done making the beds!"
Saige: "Looks great Mae!"

Claire then exclaimed: "Pepper is now tamed!"
Saige looked relieved: "Thank you tons Claire!"

Just then the doorbell rang. 

Mae then volunteered to go retrieve the guests.

She soon came back with two girls.
One of them was supposed to be Sarah, and the other Delilah though I wasn't sure who was which.

Claire: "Hey guys! Nice to see you. How have you guys been? Yeah? Well...

They continued talking like they had been friends for ever. Which I didn't doubt.

Pepper then started jumping on Sarah.
"Aww cutie! You are so cute, yes you are! Ain't that right Pepper?"
Pepper wagged his tail and let out a delightful "Ruff!"
Saige then walked into the room.

Sarah: "Hey Saige! Long time no see huh?"
Saige: "Yeah, no kidding!"
Sarah: "So what's new?"
Saige: "A lot of things..."

Started talking as always.

I walked into the room with the sheets that Saige had asked me to get. 

Sarah then interrupted their conversation.
Sarah: "And who is this?"
Claire: "That's Amelia, the newest addition to the family!"

Amelia: "Hi! Yeah, I'm the newest addition."

I had no idea of who these people were but
reluctantly the first girl introduced herself.

"Hi! I'm Sarah in case you were wondering."

Delilah: "And I am Delilah!"

Amelia: "Well it's great to meet you both! I can't wait to have tons of fun!"


Part 2 coming soon!
So stay updated for when that will come!
I hope you enjoyed this. I have been super lazy lately and haven't done a photo story in such a long time it's not even funny. xD
Till Friday!


  1. AWESOME story! I love it :)!

    - Ellie

  2. So cool! Can't wait for the next part!

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. I love the apartment setup! Cute photo story I can't wait to see what happens next :)


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