June 17, 2015

Comparison between #23, and Claire

Hey everyone! 
Yes the title may seem a bit confusing with the fact that Claire, is #23 as well so that's kind of strange... But let's get right into this post so you can actually understand whats going on. xD

This is Wendy.

She is a MAG #23 as well as Claire. But a newer one. Her owner (Won't say her name) gave me permission to take pictures of her and compare the two. 
Now the reason why I am showing you all this is because I am actually planning on sending Claire into the doll hospital for a new head most likely after I get Grace so this is what she is going to look like after her visit! I just wanted to see what she would look like after.
So let's get into it!

 Okay so here in this picture there are already MAJOR differences in what the dolls look like.
They almost don't even look like the same doll!
Hair as you can see is either really dry, or nice and silky.
The clothe bodies are different colors if you can tell, so is skin tone.
Claire definitely looks older and more used and like a pleasant company doll.
And I don't know if you can tell but their eyes are different. Wendy's eyes are more narrow, while Claire's are more open and wide.  

 Claire also seems a little taller than the regular 18" doll I've noticed. 
IDK if all the pleasant company dolls were like that or if she's just a mistake.

 Here in this photo you can definitely see the difference in their eyes, and I can also see a slight difference as well in the eyebrows. Not exactly sure of what is different but they just don't look the same.

 This is a comparison between their hair.
Wendy's is definitely more shiny, newer, and wavier, and it's very silky.
Claire's is of course dry, and has split ends.

 Here's a closer comparison between both their bodies.
Wendy's is the darker one that has more color.
Claire's is the one that is washed out, and sort of leaning towards the color white.

 And here are pictures of where you can definitely see the difference in their faces.
And I figured out what was setting me off with the eyebrows!
Wendy's are more raised while Claire's are thicker and more down.
Wendy's eyes are narrower like we already said, freckle pattern is still the same, but the color of the paint is slightly different.
Lip color/blush is more washed out in Claire's face. Not surprising with the fact that she is a older doll and used, and the color of the skin is sightly different, but it's definitely not the same.


Well this was my comparison between old #23, and new #23. I hope you enjoyed this!
I am super excited now to send Claire to the hospital because now I know what is going to be fixed on her!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow! It's crazy how much they are different! :)

  2. That's so weird! It's kinda crazy!

  3. I love comparisons! This one was great, Leah! And I also noticed that my boy doll, Dallas (a customized PC Molly) is taller than the newer AG dolls, so the PC dolls must have just been that way :)
    It's so interesting to see how 2 of the same doll can look so different!


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