June 1, 2015

My top 5 favorite customs

So today I'm doing something a little different and I am going to be talking about my top 5 favorite custom dolls out there! They aren't sorted by best or anything like that. I'm just too lazy to do that... xD  

Let's get started shall we?

This is a Isabelle GOTY 2014's wig, and Grace GOTY 2015's face mold.
And they faded her freckles.
This custom is so ADORABLE! I would totally buy her if she didn't cost a whopping $265...

This is one of Liberty Jane's doll models and this is Kanani GOTY 2011. Do you notice something different though?
 She has shorter hair. 
I just absolutely LOVE this Kanani. I have always loved Kanani because of her hair, but it was too long. In my opinion she is just perfect!

This is Agoverseasfan's doll Tori. She's a Caroline doll mixed with #38's wig.
SO PRETTY. Just like the others...
I love this custom but she isn't my favorite though

It looks like she's a mix between Ruthie ( Kit's best friend and retired)
and MAG #40's wig. Except she has feathered eyebrows and Ruthie doesn't... Maybe just Ruthie's eye color. IDK but she's cute...

And this dollie is from Clarissa's Closet I believe and this is a Jess wig mixed with Kanani's face mold. As you can tell, I love Kanani... xD I really wish she was in my collection... But oh well.

Okay this is totally off topic but I was scrolling through Google images of American Girl dolls and I 
saw this adorable picture!

It's so adorable... XD

Thanks for reading! Which ones are your favorite customs out of these? Or are there anymore that you like?


  1. I love the fourth one! And that last picture is SOOO cute!

    - Ellie

  2. This is such a cool post! I would love to make a custom doll! Another fabulous custom is caroline's eyes on the truly me doll with red curly hair.. Forgot her number!

  3. #5 is my favorite. And the picture of the dolls working in the AG store is the coolest!

  4. Ugh I need that Kanani with shorter hair! She looks so modern!! That last picture is so cute! Whoever designed that display is awesome ;)


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