July 17, 2015

Poll reminder

Just a quick post telling ya'll that there is a new poll on my blog!
So make sure to vote! 
The question is "Which of these is your favorite outfit from Grace's collection?"
Make sure to make your opinion made know to the world! ;)
Also, I will be posting my contest rules and all that nice stuff later on today.
I'm so sorry that I didn't post it on Monday like I said I would. :(
I've just been so busy.

But here's a sneak peek picture of a upcoming photo shoot!

I'm really excited to show ya'll this one!

Adios amigos! 


  1. just voted. :) i'm looking forward to the shoot! it looks amazing.


  2. I'll be sure to vote in the poll!
    That shirt Mae's wearing looks awesome! Did you sew it?

    - Ellie


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