July 1, 2015

2015 AG summer release ~ My thoughts

Hello everyone! 
So American Girl recently came out with their summer outfits and accessories and today I will be reacting to most of the new items!

 Okay, so to start off here are the double braided headbands.
I personally like the single braided headbands better than these. Although I saw that there is a problem that is always going to be there and can't really be fixed about these hair accessories. The hair comes out.
One of my friends has one of these (But one of the single braid ones) and the hair strands started to come out and make wonky loops. And one of these for $20, is not worth it to me.

 Next up is the new school desk.
It's so cute! I love everything. This retails for $58. The only thing that I see that is wrong with it by just looking at it, is that the chair is attached to the actual desk. That takes away a lot of play value.

 The school lunch set. This is just absolutely adorable! A great thing about this set is that the food items can come out of the tray! They aren't stuck to it. American Girl is known for their food items that stick to the plate. I'm really happy about this set! And this retails for $28.
 This is the science fair set. And this retails for $32. WAY overpriced let me tell you. 
And I personally think that it wasn't necessary at all. It is very cute, but it being $32 and only comes with what, 3 pieces? I won't even be considering adding this to my collection.
 Next up is the sport storage bench.
Very cute, but unnecessary in my opinion. This would be great though for those who are really into sports. This retails for $48. Ouch!

Let's just leave it at "Why does this even exist." 
I do like the concept, but it just seems so wrong.

 This outfit is called the Recess ready outfit. this is super cute! I wouldn't want it because I like having my dolls in more "sophisticated" clothes so they look like they are 14/15 instead of 10 but this is a super cute outfit. This outfit costs $30.

 I was so happy when I saw this outfit! American Girl is known for their bright pink girly colors so when I saw this I was so happy! Not that I hate pink, but American Girl tends to go a little overboard with it... xD But this is so accurate! Girls actually wear this kind of uniform. And this costs $34.

I absolutely LOVE how simple and cute this outfit is! The sweater looks very "older" looking. I love the boots as well! And this is $30.

Okay, this is the new Halloween outfit and all I can say is WHY. WHY AMERICAN GIRL.
Why is this even here. I would NEVER put my dolls in anything like this...
I'm really excited to see how this does on the market... 
Also the sheer sleeves don't seem like they would stay on for long. It looks like it could tear very easily. I can't stand this.
This is actually one of my favorite items from this release! It's super cute and I hope to add it to my dolls wardrobe! My only set back is that it's $10. If it were $8, that would be better but oh whale.

SO CUTE. If I were to get a pet I would definitely be getting her! And I think that she would be either Saige's or Amelia's dog. And it retails for $28. 
 So I'm limiting how many outfits I am getting from Grace's collection and the moment I saw the leaked picture of this gorgeous outfit I knew I had to have it! I really hope that I can get it before Grace retires! But at the moment I'm saving up to get the actual doll and not the accessories.
And this retails for $30.

And you can buy these accessories for Grace's new outfit for $28. I love the little red shawl!
It's super cute. But I wish it would come with the actual outfit set. Then It would be more worth the $30.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this! What is your favorite set so far from this AG summer release? Let me know in the comments!
Until Friday!


    Anyway, I also love the Recess Ready Outfit, Josefina's new nightgown, and the sparkly shoes.
    Awesome post, as always!

    - Ellie

  2. I really like the sparkle sweater outfit and Grace's sightseeing outfit.
    I agree about the double braided headbands, I like the single ones better. But once I bought a single one and it didn't even fit over my doll's head! I have also heard about the hair falling out of the single headband. I hope they've fixed this and it won't happen in the double ones.

  3. I totally agree with you on the Stylin Bangs. It's so hard to explain just why I don't like them, but you pretty much said what I didn't know how to express-"why does this even exist". XD
    As always, it was great to read your thoughts. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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