July 22, 2015

Contest questions

Hello everyone!
So I have been getting a few questions about this concerning my 50 follower contest.
That is:
Do we have to have a caption for our photo?
And the answer is no. 
You DO NOT have to have a caption for your entry.
If you have already sent in your photo and would like to add a caption, go ahead! 
Just email me again.
Another question was Am I judging the photos on how summer-y they are?
And yes I will be doing that.
So I'll be judging the photos on
Quality, Creativity, originality, and on how much summer it screams!

If you have any questions more just comment them down below here, or anywhere really 
then I can update this post so that all of  your questions are answered.

Well, that's about it. 
Enter the contest here!
Good luck!

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  1. Hello! :) We nominated you for an award on our blog, please come and check it out!


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