July 3, 2015

Fourth of July garland ~ A DIY

Hello everyone! Today I have a craft tutorial you!
Today I will be showing you how to make decor garland for your dolls!
You can make this in fourth of July colors, or with scrapbook paper that have patterns, or anything you want! But today I'm going to be making it for my dolls photo booth in celebration for this holiday.


 Here are the things you will need:

  • Yarn or some type of string
  • Some type of paper
  • Scissors
  • A ruler (Not shown)
  • A pencil

 Step 1.
Draw a triangle with a pencil and use a ruler or something straight to make sure you make it even
 and straight.
And make sure that you have your doll there next to you when tracing because you don't want the garland to turn out under-scaled or over-scaled. Just a tip.
(Please don't mind my "Smokey bear" ruler, TBH I don't even know where it came from. xD )

 Step 2.
Next, cut out your triangle and trace more. I cute out 10 triangles of each color.
So that would equal to 20 triangles

 Step 3.
Line up your triangles and make sure that they are spaced how you would want them as the finished product. Then, measure out your string to fit that. Make sure that there is at least 3 inches excess so when you go to hang it up you won't be right on a triangle. I made mine have 5 inches excess BTW.
(This step is optional) 
If you are making two garland strings make sure to make a second string the same size. Other wise it will be a little difficult to make the other string the same size as this one. If that makes any sense...

 Step 4.
Draw where you want your holes to go, I drew just two circles near the edge of the triangle. And make sure that they aren't too close otherwise when punched the holes your triangle may tear. 

 Step 5.
Punch your holes on your triangles! This will take a little time.
And you can do this two ways. You can use a mini single hole puncher, or be lazy like me and use a sharpened pencil. xD 
Also, if you decide to use a sharpened pencil DON'T STAB YOUR SELF. IT REALLY HURTS.
Yeah... I learned that the hard way. xD


 Step 5.
String your triangles on to your string!
This took me forever I tell you... Ugh. It's so tedious. But it's worth it! ^_^

Repeat, and now you are done!
See how easy that was?
I made two but you can always alternate the colors for a cool pattern.


Thanks for reading! I was actually inspired to make this because for a youth activity that my church had we needed decor for our photo booth type thing and I ended up making one super last minuet! GO PROCRASTINATOR ME.
But it was super cute. ^_^
Anyway, happy fourth of July! Hope you have a safe one. :)


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