February 24, 2015

Poll winner + post sneak peek!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to update everyone about this past weeks poll and the winner is Basilmentos by 1 vote for the poll "Who is your favorite AG Tuber?". AGSmiless was right behind her. If you voted tell me why you like the AG Tubers you voted for! And those who picked "Other" I'm dying to know who your favorite is! Comment down below their channel name, and I'll definitely check it out! And make sure to vote on this weeks poll. The question is: "What would you like to see more on my blog?" So go check it out if you'd like!

Just so this post isn't picture-less, here's what's coming for y'all Wednesday!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Love the photos! Looking forward to Wednesday's post! Also you were nominated for the Congratulations Blog Award on my blog and I would absolutely LOVE it if you could PLEASE visit my blog and check it out! It should be the first or second post on my blog! Thank you very, very, very, very much!

    Allie D.

  2. I honestly don't actually remember who I voted for, but my favorite AG YouTubers are agoverseasfan and basilmentos. I really like agoverseasfan mainly because of her AG hauls/openings, but I love all her videos. And basilmentos does the most fantastic stop motions! I just love it. :)

    1. Yes! agoverseasfan is really awesome! And Anna is AMAZING at making stop motions! They both do such great jobs. :)

  3. My favorite AG Tuber is Deenaandbeena

    1. I love her too! Sorry I didn't include her. I didn't remember when I was making the poll! Sorry! I love her videos too. :)


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