February 12, 2015

AG spring release items

Hey everyone! Turns out American Girl came out with all those new Special-Edition  sets today! XD So I am doing something special as you can see, I am posting on a Thursday! I usually post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But today is special. :3 I hope you all enjoy!

So what American Girl came out with is pretty awesome! There are a few new outfits, which are super cute if you haven't already seen them. There are also new furniture pieces! AG came out with a gazebo! It looks really big. And yes, it is a outrageous price, but that's AG for ya!

Well, enough talk, let's get to the pictures!

Here is the new American Girl outfit that I showed you all in the sneak peek post yesterday.
It is called "The shimmer and lace party dress". This is super cute! It is really detailed and it has a pink/peach color scheme! The shoes are just too cute with the little flowers at the front. ^_^ 
And this retails for $30 USD. 

Next up is the "Pretty ballet set". There are 2 individual outfits that you can purchase separately if desired, the first one on the left retails for $28 USD, and the one to the right retails for $34 USD.
I think this is a really cute set. I don't think I would get it, but who knows! It does look adorable...

OK. :D I am so excited to show you all this new outfit. It is called "The sparkly jazz outfit".
I think this is a really cute outfit for all of your frilly girls in your doll family! I think either Saige or Mae would wear this. I can't see Claire in it... And this retails for $34.

OK. So, I have mixed feelings for this outfit... First of all, why does the soccer ball have stars on it? Second, those are really bright colors. Girls don't wear this kind of stuff to practice! At least the shirt they don't. And this retails for $38.

I am in love with this new swimsuit! I am so glad that it isn't a 2 piece one. I never liked the look of those on my dolls! The design is super cute, and the ruffles add the perfect touch! And are those anklets on her ankles? Those are super cute. And this retails for $28.

AG also came out with a new bath robe! I am really glad that it's nice and simple and no crazy designs, and no pink! I like pink, but sometimes AG can use it way too much.
This retails for $24 USD. It is kinda pricey, but it's cute! 

Another thing AG came out with is a gardening outfit! It retails for $30. I think that is way over priced for this outfit. It's sorta simple. Anyone notice the shoes? I sorta like them! But not for this outfit's occasion. 

And Samantha got a couple new outfits aside from her Special-Edition set! 
This first one is called her "Special-day dress". And this retails for $32.

This is her second new outfit and it is her traveling coat! I believe it comes with her hat, and her coat. Nothing else. And it retails for $32. This is a really pretty outfit I have to say! 


This is so pretty... It is a new item from Samantha's collection. So this is the Gazebo everyone was talking about! I love the details. And apparently the lights flash! And this retails for $200. 

This is also a new item in Samantha's collection. It is called "Samantha's treat set"
There are 2 parts of this collection. So you can buy her "Summer time treats" and her "Outdoor living set" separately. They go for $45-120 if you buy them together as a set.

Yet another piece in Samantha's collection to show you! Wow, they are really building up her collection! This is called "Samantha's painting set" and it retails for $36 USD.

Now this is a new MAG item and it is called a garden bench I believe. It comes with cute little gardening accessories, such as: Seeds, a watering can, flower pots, flowers, a shovel, and more! 
This retails for $68. 


Thanks everyone for reading! Samantha did get a few more items, such as a travel bag, and I believe a hair styling set, but this is already a pretty long post so I will not be showing them to you, but feel free to go check the new items out yourself by clicking here

I'll see you tomorrow! Another thing. I will be going out of town yet again, I will most likely be gone for about a week and a half, but I'll try to post regularly.So don't be surprised if I miss a day or two of posting. Thanks for understanding! 


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