February 2, 2015

Fun finds ~ Doll sized tea set.

Hey everyone! My sweet Grandma gave me and my little Sister's 2 tea sets to play with! 
I knew that they would be the perfect size for my dolls once I saw them! So today I'll be showing you all that. Enjoy! 
 This is the first full tea set that I will be showing you! It comes with:
2 Tea cups
2 Saucers
1 Creamer
1 Sugar bowl
1 Tea pot
1 Service tray
Here's my hand compared to the tea cup. Just so you get the idea of how big it is.
It's so cute!
The tea pot in my hand. You get the idea. ;)
Here's a picture of the 2 other pieces. The sugar bowl and the creamer.

Here's a picture of the service tray.
Here is the 2nd tea set. It is bigger than the one before. So I don't think that I will be using it much for the dolls. I think that it's just a little bit too big. It contains the same pieces as the previous set.
Here are all the pieces that come with the set.
Here's the service tray. The flowers are so pretty! Especially with the purple.

I will now be comparing the different pieces of both sets so you can see how big they are side by side.
Here is a picture of both the tea pots. The purple floral one is a lot bigger as you can see!
This picture is with both the creamers. You can definitely tell the difference!
Teacup, and saucer comparison.
Sugar bowl comparison.
Service tray comparison.

So as you can see, the yellow flower tea set is significantly smaller than the floral purple one. 
I personally love the purple one better! But I think I will only be using the yellow tea set.
Which one would you use?

Here are a few photos of Claire with the tea set. :D
As you can see, they are the perfect size for dolls! They have a really cute pattern that I really love. ;)

Thanks for reading! And I also updated the "My Dolls" page. So go check that out! I finally gave the girls middle names and a last name. XD I really love them personally... :3

And the winner for this last weeks poll's question is: Clothes! I'm not really surprised. XD
 Also as always there's a new poll to vote on! The question is: What do you think about custom AG boy dolls?" Make sure to vote! It will be interesting to see your opinion! If you have any ideas on what you all as readers should vote on next, please comment down below! It would be awesome to see your ideas. ^_^



  1. They are the perfect size! I use plates from my old tea set for my dolls.

  2. Those are both really cute sets! I like the purple one better! :)

  3. I like the yellow tea set better. Yellow is my favorite color, and the purple tea set is a little too squarish for me. ;)


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