October 5, 2015

Saige's hair routine ~ Hair how-to

Hello everyone!
I am SO sorry that I haven't been posting these past weeks!
School has been a little hectic lately and I've just been so focused on life and other things that I haven't had much time for dolls.
But I have been getting a ton of requests to do a post on how I take care of Saige's hair!
And sorry I haven't done this sooner, this was requested a while back but I've finally had time to 
do a post about it!

I hope you enjoy!


What you will need:

  1. A American Girl brush (Or a wire wig brush)
  2. A spray bottle filled with water (Only use water in your dolls hair)
  3. One hair band/clip for sectioning off hair

 Okay, so the first thing I do is brush out her hair completely to get all of the tangles out.
Above is what it looks like when you do so.

Next, I section a small piece of her hair by pulling up the hair that I will not be curling at the moment into a pony tail. 

Next, I section small pieces of hair off from that thin section and start individually spraying the piece  with water and curling finger curling it.

This is the first layer all done!

Next, I section another part of the hair off like we did earlier and begin to repeat
the same steps as previous.

After I have done all of her hair, this is my finished result!

The next thing I do is I scrunch all of the curls with my hands.
By doing this, it adds a feel of looseness, and like the curls are naturally curly.

And you're done!
Every once in a while I do put her hair into sponge rollers when her
 hair starts to get a little droopy. I usually do that about 4 times a year though...
Haha, or whenever I remember... xD


Hope you found this helpful!
If you have any requests for hairstyles on specific dolls, just let me know!
Just know that I'm really bad at special requests... xD
I can't seem to ever come through with the post.
Oops. xD

Well thanks for reading!
Let me know if you try this and it works out for you!
Every person is different when it comes to taking care of their dolls hair,
but I've found that this is just what works for me.


  1. Hi I'm angelstar
    hi can you do a how to care for felicity's hair?

  2. It's impressive how smooth you got the curls! When I try its usually just a frizzy mass stuck to my finger.

  3. Wow ! Totally trying this on my Kanani . Thanks for all the help !

  4. Awesome tips I will try that on #55 hair. Can u do a hairstyle on one of your dolls hair

  5. This will help me! My Caroline's curls are messy!


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