October 29, 2015

Polka Dot Bee 123 etsy shop purchase // Review


It has been almost a month since I last posted.


All I can say is that life has been super busy lately and I really dislike it...

Well, today's post is on a recent etsy purchase from the lovely Polka Dot Bee. You should definitely follow her blog! She sews the most adorable outfits for her dolls. 
Check out her etsy shop here.
I fell in LOVE with the seersucker skirt when I first saw it, and knew I HAD to have it in my doll's wardrobe and what can I say? It's plain adorable!

I think Madison rocked it. :)

The other item I purchased was the cream and blue T-shirt.
I absolutely love the pattern on the fabric! 

The pink flowers are so pretty. o.O
What I also really love about it is that when you see it from afar, you just see the pattern of the fabric and not the details of the flowers, and the lace type thing, yet when you get closer you start to see it and its SO pretty. It tricked me when I first saw it... XD

Over all I'm super happy with my purchase!
Everything is adorable and fits my dolls so well. If you're looking to purchase some
new clothes for your dolls you should definitely consider this etsy shop!
In a recent blog post I shared some of my tips for buying off of etsy in case you're a little unsure whether buying off of there is a good thing to do.
See that post here for some of my tips. :)

This is kinda off topic but I really need help deciding what personality Madison should have!
I seriously haven't figured it out yet which is kinda sad tbh...
So if you have any suggestions comment them below!
It's much appreciated.


Thanks so much for reading!
And a big thank you to Polka Dot Bee! I love everything. ^_^
Also, thanks to Kaitlyn from American Girl Place for the white skirt that Amelia modeled!
Read my review on that skirt and another here.
Have a awesome day!


  1. Really cute pics Leah! :)

    Allie D.

  2. I have a couple unique personality ideas....she could be super into Shakespeare and other plays and be super good at acting. Or....She could be a super sweet one, who does favors for everyone and volunteers a lot, although she would be super gullible. :)

  3. The shirt is my favorite.
    I'm still trying to think of my #61's personality, which is super sad, considering I got her several moths ago.
    Maybe Madison likes a lot of black clothes and music that's a little bit punkish, but also adores the Renaissance period and will dress up as a princess when given the chance. Maybe she also plays the violin.


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