October 9, 2015

AG's latest deals + FREE SHIPPING on $100+ orders!

Hello everyone!
I hope ya'll are having a fantastic day!
I know I am. ^_^

So, AG has a couple deals that I would like to share with ya'll!

So first, the PWP (Purchase with purchase) at the moment is spend $50+ and you have the
option to get the Soft-as-Snow outfit for only $17 + free shipping on the set.
This is a really good deal considering that it's about to be winter and your dolls can have a new 
winter outfit in they're wardrobe!
I'm actually planning on placing a order soon and I'm still deciding whether I should get it or not...
If you have the Soft-as-Snow outfit do you mind telling me how you like it?

Moving on to giveaways now!
Write a review on a item and you are automatically entered into a 
$100 AG gift card drawing!
This giveaway is till October 28, 2015.
And AG is giving out 5 of these gift cards.

You can go here to write a review.

 Moving onto sale items!

American Girl has items up to 40% off!
Check out the sale here.
Here's a little taste of what items are on sale:

There a also a lot of Caroline's items on sale!
Her skiff, her hair-styling set, her accessories, and more!

And of course, last but not least the free shipping on $100+ orders!
This coupon is valid till November 24, 2015.

Free shipping code:



I hope that you found this helpful with your holiday shopping!
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. the soft as snow set is really cute—the sweater's my favorite part. :) all the pieces are really well made, too.

  2. I have the soft as snow outfit (I actually bought it during summer) and while I don't like the outfit altogether I love using it to mix and match!


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