February 12, 2016



Hope you enjoyed these photos! I took them a few months ago but I just didn't get around to posting them till now. There will be a lot more of them for sure! I did a photo shoot with every girl.
And this is my sister's doll so no, I did not get a new doll in case your were wondering. ^-^
and sorry for all the stuff on my desk. xD

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


  1. Ooh, I love the photos! when I first saw the title, I started thinking of a song called "Hey There Delilah" by this band in which I don't know the name of. ;)

    1. Oh yes! I love Hey There Delilah! And it's by The Plain White T's I believe.

  2. These are so pretty!! I love her outfit! :)

  3. Nice pictures!:) Delilah is so pretty, the lighting is amazing, and I actually like the things on your desk for the photoshoot.;)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the second photo <3 the lighting is so pretty!

    Ellie | http://thedollsof221b.blogspot.com

  5. Delilah is so pretty. I love her hair! :)
    -Catlover02 =^-^=

  6. I just love her sproingy* curly hair up in the ponytail. And where is the skirt from?

    *sproingy is a word, I swear! It's like the noise a spring makes. boing. spring. sproing.


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